Saturday, June 25, 2011

On Time, Aloneness, Humility and Goodness

The Sensibilities of Time:

What is time, but a fabrication of sensible understanding? And who said sensible? Perceptions of time hinder our lives and relationships. But it’s not time we can blame — or God — but our momentary loss of perspective.

Cosmically Alone with God:

Self-importance is a concept shrouded in conceitedness. In the end it helps more to know we’re alone; with God — and nothing without Him.

Humility’s Irony:

Humility is an eternal buzzword among the morally adept. Yet, humility wants nothing to do with the word. It is; that’s all. It’s etched in truth — of itself, and God; and of itself in God.

Dig Up What’s Good:

See the good. However unnatural it is, it’s the augury of life and all relationships.

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