Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poetic Proverbs and Quotes No1

Forgiveness is freedom,

Choice not to run,

Welcome greets wisdom,

Better’s the deed once done.


Time to be still,

Opportune frame,

Busyness I must kill,

Putting slavery to shame.


The ‘how’ of faith is the way it’s lived,

challenge tradition using a revelatory sieve.

Faith authentic is Spirit-aligned,

really no way life's better designed.


Truth bestows power,

Trust in it; it’s clean,

Beauty like a flower,

Best way to lean.


Love at hand,

Magnanimously so,

Grace is grand,

Peace and joy glow.


Blessed to be just,

Right to be fair,

God’s will is a must,

For those with courage and compassion to care.


We, as persons:

As good as anyone living,

Or as bad,

What separates: our attitude to giving,

The only gauge making us eternally glad.


Forever love sustains,

For those loving God,

Always grace remains,

For those devoted to God.


The depths of hurt,

The heights of grace,

Vastness of the life alert,

Holds the heavenly ace.


“God Speaks to Me”

People may think,

Us crazy and weak,

They tend to wink,

When they hear us speak.

Something we can say,

When they disagree,

“How can I disobey,

When God speaks to me?”


We can feel another’s pain only through our own eyes; their heartache or impairment only through our own experience. We do well to remember this when offering our empathy.


Recovery is like ascending through murky clouds; in faith we climb and recovery is borne on the lighted rays of the looming sun as it appears. The secret: keep climbing.


We cannot coexist in successful harmony in a spirit of innate competition. Like all rock fights someone inevitably loses an eye.


In a world seeking signs,

Evidence of the physical,

Hope otherwise shines,

In the shape of ‘the miracle’.


The instinct is right,

When we’re caused to think,

In ways not to fight,

Halting conflict in a blink.


Little by little the frustrations of life mount; then, suddenly, anger. Resolution requires patience—to attend to frustrations as they arise.


Think: “What I have,”

Not: “What I’ve not,”

For life’s in the thanks,

Or all turns to rot.


A gently wafting morning breeze,

Was what it took to bend my knees,

The Spirit’s voice sent to apprehend,

Spiritual ease God did send.


The word, “Contract”: legal and binding—often the bane of human existence. The cause? Our lacking situational wisdom in failing to underwrite with insight.


Time with God,

Winds of change,

Turning the sod,

Finds us our range.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Monday, July 4, 2011

On Patience, Again

Patience—not simply a virtue;

It’s our whole life.

For it is linked to everything;

There’s nothing more true.


There’s nothing more intrapersonally divisive than patience—the fight, tooth and nail, between flesh and will. Patience is the make or break; the achievement of our goals or repeated failure. The ultimate patience: resilience, to achieve—patiently—even after many failures.


Patience is the thing,

And awkwardly so,

That wise hearts do so to cling,

Blessed are they to know.


Patience unending,

Selfishness’s a recluse,

Silences sending,

Ending abuse.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: Karina Gerbst.